Founded in 1938 by Dr. K.M.Munshi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is today an all India, intellectual, cultural and educational movement dedicated to the twin task of interpreting the age-old yet ageless message of our country and of integrating our varied and vibrant culture with the changing needs of the present day world. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School, Perumthiruthi was established in 2004 under the noble patronage of noted academicians comprising an efficient School Management Committee and conscientious and supportive staff. The school believes in providing an atmosphere of ambience for our students where learning becomes a recreation, a revelation and a reality. Set amidst sylvan surroundings of Pooladikunnu, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Perumthiruthi has seem-less skies for its back drop and commands a breathtaking view of this scenic splendor, Learning through play with focus on the cognitive and affective domains at the Pre-School level, skill based learning at the Primary level and project oriented learning directed towards problem solving and research at the Middle School level provide a sound foundation for application at High School level and beyond. This co-educational school up to 10th is acknowledged to be reputed for its excellence be it in the field of academics or co-curricular, successfully bagging laurels in the Inter-school competitions. Our school has time and again proven to be a leading institution of the region.


The innovative and creative approach, ‘VISION - 2022’ will be put in effect through the formation of an Innovative Club accelerated with imagination, compassion, commitment and a spirit of adventure. It also aims to inculcate among students a global vision with skill of international competence and sensitize them to environmental issues.


“The Mission of our school lies in the integrated development of the future citizen, enlightened with an understanding of life in all its simplicity. A citizen with a universal outlook, sense of service and spirit of sacrifice, who will always remain steadfast and committed to the eternal values of the great Indian culture that resides in the innermost self of each student.”

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